The Egg Trick

In February, meditation teacher and author, Sharon Salzberg sponsors a 28-Day Meditation Challenge. Everybody is invited to commit to meditating every day for the month and join the mindfulness community. As part of the challenge, I’ll be blogging throughout the month (along with other meditator/bloggers) about the experience. You can find the posts on Sharon’s site and I’ll share mine on Focus Pocus.

28-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Day 12
Thursday, February 12, 2015

28 Day Challenge aspen leaf pub dom

In 3rd grade, Tommy Ellison did a Break The Egg trick. He’d say, “Close your eyes, I’m going to break an egg on your head.” (It is a testament to childhood that we all closed our eyes without question whenever he said this.)

He’d then take his fist and rest it lightly on the top of your head, then thump it and let his fingers trail down your head and hair. It felt for all the world like an egg being cracked on your head.

And it also felt relaxing.

Recently, my yoga teachers are offering the cue “relax your scalp.” I’m amazed by how much tension I tend to carry there. I’m sure it’s related to the tension in my eyes and my eyebrows but when I consciously relax my scalp, my brain relaxes, too.

I’ve been doing it in my sitting practice, my yoga practice, and when I can’t think of what to write next. Every time, I feel my mind open a little and my breath deepen a little.

That Tommy Ellison. He was on to something.

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