Susan’s Playlists February 9 – 12, 2015 ~ Flength & Strexibility

flength strexibility lionOne of the biggest criticisms of hot yoga practices is that in the heat, bodies over-stretch and lose joint stability. I think if hot yoga is practiced with Flength, drawing energy in as much as sending it out, balance will be maintained even in a hot environment.

Sometimes people say I’m strong but I don’t have the flexibility to do Nia or Yoga. I think it’s a matter of cultivating a state of Strexibility, allowing energy to move out as well as in, to optimize comfort, ease and health in the body.

That’s what we went with this week: Flength and Strexibility and below please find all the playlists.

But first…

Announce-y type things:

Join me for Sharon Salzberg’s 28-Day Meditation Challenge! It’s not too late to join meditation teacher and author, Sharon Salzberg for her yearly 28-Day Meditation challenge. I blogging every day about the experience on her site and you can follow me and the other meditator-writers here.

No Words launch at Buck Mountain Episcopal Church in Earlysville. I’m excited to be debuting my No Words routine on Friday, February 13 at 6pm at the Buck Mountain Parish Hall at 4133 Earlysville Road. Music and movement are human expressions beyond language. This routine combines all-instrumental music with wordless teaching to offer a meditative, energizing, and personal experience. Hosted by the Buck Mountain Health and Wellness Ministry, the class is free and open to everyone with the request for donations toward the committee’s work in the community.

– The most extraordinary thing is happening. Wednesday, February 18 would have been Chloe Rose Leong’s 7th birthday. After Chloe was killed in a car accident on December 22, 2014, her mother and our friend and Nia Teacher, Mary Linn’s fondest wish is to have Chloe’s life remembered by letting go of the to-do list and appreciating how precious our time is together. In that spirit, Mary Linn invites us all to celebrate Chloe’s birthday as Brownies for Breakfast Day ~ do brownies for breakfast, or find your own ways to slow down, spend time with, and truly be in gratitude for your family, friends, and especially any children in your life. As of this writing, over 17,000 people around the world are participating in this event. I’ll teach a special play-full, drum-full class that day, Wednesday, February 18, 1055am-12noon at acac Albemarle Square. How will you celebrate Brownies for Breakfast Day?

Jeanne Catherine hosts a Magic Nia event at Divine Play on February 21! Find all the details here.

Helen Terry returns to Charlottesville for a special Nia class on Friday, February 27 at 545pm at acac downtown! It’s a chance to dance with a gifted and experienced trainer to her routine “Rising.” Space is limited to early registration is strongly recommended. You can get details here. $20/members and $25/non-members. Please register with acac downtown member services ~ 434.984.3800

Mary Linn has been grateful for the simple meals the community has offered on the nights when she is teaching. We’ve added some dates, so please consider giving her some nourishment by going here.

As always, please let me know if you have questions or how I can help more.

Dance on. Shine on.
Susan sigMonday, Feb 9, 2015, 1045am ~ Flength & Strexibility

The Rising 4:47 Bruce Springsteen
A Different Space 8:43 Bob Holroyd
Resolution (Rewound By Thievery Corporation) 4:02 Thievery Corporation
Succumb to Me 5:15 Terence Trent D’Arby
What Do You Say 5:00 Haley
Mafich Aravi 8:03 Banco de Gaia
Freek 7:16 Shakatura
Diavolo In Me (Devil In Me) 4:05 Zucchero & Solomon Burke
You’re the Ocean 3:49 Teitur
Long Bone 5:16 Sofa Surfers
Give Me Strength 4:03 Sally Taylor

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015, 9am ~ Flength & Strexibility

Streetcorner Symphony 4:09 Rob Thomas
Journeyman – AO 6:41 Bob Holroyd
When Doves Cry 4:04 The Be Good Tanyas
Short Skirt / Long Jacket 3:28 Cake
Drumming Up a Storm 5:59 Bob Holroyd
What I Be 4:45 Michael Franti & Spearhead
Start Wearing Purple 3:43 Gogol Bordello
Best Day of My Life 3:14 American Authors
Proud 4:30 Heather Small
Born At The Right Time 3:48 Paul Simon
Floater 4:51 Waldeck
A Day In The Life, Across The Universe 5:28 The John Lennon Song Project

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015, 1055am ~ Flength & Strexibility

Song for Olabi 6:07 Bliss
Fast Love 5:27 George Michael
Palais Mascotte 5:47 Patrick Duvoisin
Spinning the Wheel 6:24 George Michael
Dance Floor (Nu Brazilia Remix) 5:28 The Tao Of Groove
Up In Indiana 4:36 Lyle Lovett
Rhythm Is? (Marques Wyatt Mix) 5:49 Afro-Mystik
Waiting On The World To Change 3:21 John Mayer
Porcelain 3:55 Moby
Yu 9:59 Ishq

Thursday, Feb 12, 2015, 9am ~ Flength & Strexibility

Sacred Light 4:56 Bob Holroyd
Rafiki (Sidewalk Mix) 6:25 Bob Holroyd
Palais Mascotte 5:47 Patrick Duvoisin
No Quiero Nada Mas 4:46 Sancti Spiritus
Keep On Searching 5:08 Kraak & Smaak
Dance Floor (Nu Brazilia Remix) 5:28 The Tao Of Groove
U R The Answer 5:57 Stephen Bray/ Michael Beckwith
Played A Live 6:46 Safri Duo
Sunsethighway 4:00 Kiln
Give Me Strength 4:03 Sally Taylor
Lydia 5:58 Tim Story


For more information about Nia and this rich system of training and learning? Everything Nia is at…

If you’re traveling or moving, you can find a teacher or classes wherever you’re going.

Interested in teaching or deepening your practice? Check out the Nia White Belt Training. They are offered all around the world so you can find one near you or where you may want to go!

And if you’re a belt, Helen Terry is coming to the Charlottesville area for a Blue Belt training in February! An exciting opportunity to deepen your practice!

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