Flength & Strexibility

flength strexibility reverse warriorStrength and Flexibility.

I use these words when I’m teaching.

“Strength is the sensation of energy moving in toward center.”
“Flexibility is energy moving out along the bones.”

Strength and Flexibility.

I use these words in my relationships.

“I’ve got to be strong for her.”
“The only way this will work is if we’re both willing to be flexible.”

Strength and Flexibility.

I use these words in my life.

“If I was strong, I wouldn’t give in and I would take more risks.”
“I should be more flexible in my thinking about this.”

Strength and flexibility in my body, my mind, my life
have two different sensations:

Energy in.
Energy out.

But what if real health and happiness comes from an amalgamation of the two?
Not sometimes being strong and sometimes being flexible,
not alternating between the two,
but by simultaneously being strong and flexible?
By simultaneously sending energy out and drawing energy in.
Both. At the same time.

In isolation, strength folds me in on myself.
In isolation, flexibility has me flying apart.

But together, at the same time, they create stability, health, peace.

Flength and Strexibility.

Simultaneously drawing in and reaching out.
Energy moving in both directions at once.

I can feel it in my body
Instead of stretching and compromising the integrity of connective tissue,
Or contracting so much that I lose range of motion,
I can extend out while simultaneously plugging in, hugging the muscles around the energy-radiating bones.

I can feel it in my relationships
Instead of I give to you and then you give to me,
I can feel that giving to you also gives to me
and receiving from you also allows you to receive.

I can feel it in my life
Instead keeping meticulous track of who’s given me what
And haven’t I done more than she has?
I can trust that if I move through my days feeling
the inextricably integrated flow of
In and out
Give and receive
You and me
Us and them
That I have the sensation of powerful peaceful balance.

Flength and Strexibility. Those are the words I’m going with.

  1. Jade said:

    Thank you for summing up so eloquently my feelings about what yoga brings to me on and off the mat – I completely agree that “real health and happiness comes from an amalgamation of the two”. Inspiring 🙂

    • This is so much of what I get on the mat. Pulling in and reaching out all at once. Thank you for reading! ❤

  2. I liked this very much. Great observations about the give and take of life at all levels. Thanks for sharing!

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