Time Out

In February, meditation teacher and author, Sharon Salzberg sponsors a 28-Day Meditation Challenge. Everybody is invited to commit to meditating every day for the month and join the mindfulness community. As part of the challenge, I’ll be blogging throughout the month (along with other meditator/bloggers) about the experience. You can find the posts on Sharon’s site and I’ll share mine on Focus Pocus.

28-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Day 3
Tuesday, February 3, 2015

28 Day Challenge aspen leaf pub dom

I toss my cushion down and notice the cat is oddly sitting in the corner staring at the wall.
“What’s up with the cat?” I ask my husband.
He looks up casually and without the least irony says, “She’s in time out.”
Smiling, I fold my legs under me and get into posture.
“Oh she is, is she? What’s she in time out for?”
He glances her way. “For walking on the table with poopy paws.”
I hit the timer, laughing a little. “I think she feels bad.”
He doesn’t even look up. “Yeah, just like hockey players in the penalty box.”
Like an eight-year-old, I cannot stop giggling.

When my laughing finally settles, I can feel its reverberation in my body ~ effervescence between my ribs, a tingling to my edges. I wonder if I’ve ever really felt laughter before.

Later in my practice, my middle back feels tight and crampy ~ a twisting tightness from one side to the other.

“All sensations are signs of life.” ~ Joanna Macy

P.S. As the bell sounds and I end my meditation, I open my eyes to see the cat spread out by the fire. My husband looks up and says, “I let her out of time out.”

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