100 Words: You Are The Light

In these darkest of days, I can be blinded by the over-bright artificial light and deafened by the cacophony of reindeer games. I can find my little boat swamped by the darkness and me bailing out the icy water to keep afloat.

you are the light winter solstice moon

We need the dark to see the light.

you are the light yin yang

Remember Yin and Yang: the light is part of the dark and dark is part of the light. It is not either/or, it’s both/and. Moon and sun, receiving and transmitting, reflection and source.

you are the light heart on glass

In these darkest of days, we need your light.
Unwrap it from your heavy coat.
Shine on.

  1. Susan, whatever the last piece of music was last Monday 12/15, it was haunting and amazingly captivating. Can’t way to see your playlist. I’m sending you a list of music I wrote on my wish list, and I think most, if not all, are instrumental. Thanks for all you do and are.

    Anne Henley

    • It’s a beautiful piece, isn’t it? It’s called Light by Hans Zimmer & Johnny Mori, and of course, the full playlists will go up on the blog on Friday after the Jam! I’d love to explore you wish list music ~ you can always just email me at sjmnia@gmail.com! And tell me when I’ll see you next and I’ll bring you some Nia music in gratitude! ❤

  2. PS Susan, I’m a Luddite–no facebook. I can’t find a way to send the music list so I’ll just bring it next time. Thanks! Anne

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