100 Words: X-Ray Anatomy

Principle 10: X-Ray Anatomy

P10 two bodies

Principle 10 may not seem like a super-power. To see beneath the skin to the bones may seem like a skill with minimal applications. At its core though, X-Ray Anatomy invites us to notice the patterns that a lifetime of movement and thinking and emotion have left on the body…and then to make choices to increase ease, health and pleasure. Applied with compassion and non-judgment, X-Ray Anatomy builds on Principles 2, 4 and 5 to tighten some things and loosen others and change not just our bodies but our lives.

Two Announcements on the Writing Front!

* A new essay of mine just went up on Elephant Journal! I called it “Irkitated” but they gave it a racy title. Check it out!

* Join me for a celebration of non-fiction essay writing at the Writer’s House on November 2 at 2pm. We’re celebrating the awesome, Cville-based site Full Grown People and their first anthology that just came out. My essay isn’t in the book but I’ll be reading at the event! Do join us!

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