The Core of the Body ~ Chakras

The Unofficial Guide
to the 13 Nia Principles
~ Practical, Nia-or-Not Applications for EveryBody

(Wondering what in thunder the Unofficial Guide is and why I’m writing this series of posts? Click here!)

P8 Chakras guy

Principle 8 – The Core of the Body ~ Chakras

(There is so much juicy goodness in Principle 8 that I’m unofficially breaking it into two parts: the physical aspect with the three body weights which we looked at yesterday and here, the energetic system of the chakras.)

Excerpt from the Official Nia Headquarters Description:

Chakras are often described as small, rotating vortices of energy that run vertically along your spine, centered in the core of your body. These energy centers are designed to metabolize physical vibrations, essentially breaking energy into parts, much like your digestive system, and distributing it to your whole body via your nervous system, endocrine glands, blood, bones and muscles. In this way, the chakra system provides energetic nourishment for your physical body. Consciously moving energy through these points increases and balances your body—physically, mentally and emotionally. When your chakras are open and freely circulating energy as they are designed to, all of your body’s systems receive the nourishment they need to function at their best.

… become familiar with how each chakra functions and is related to the three body weights, specific emotions and the movement of energy.

Chakras                 Emotions                                         Function
1 and 2 — Pelvis     Security, sexuality and fear             Contains energy
3 and 4 — Chest     Love, sorrow and grief                     Exchanges energy
5, 6 and 7 — Head  Sense of self; input into all senses  Directs energy

Moving all three body weights helps open and circulate energy through your whole body via the chakra system.

Become aware of these centers as you move to locate areas of blockage in your body. Begin by paying attention to one chakra at a time as you dance with your three body weights. Remember: your movements do not need to be big to move energy; all movement stimulates breath, emotions and a shifting of energy. Be gentle—a little movement goes a long way. Always ground before and after doing any chakra work and breathe deeply throughout your practice. Pay close attention to the effects of your experience. If you feel jittery, unbalanced, out of sorts, or edgy, slow down. These signals are the voice of your body telling you to do less. In the beginning, less is more.

[NOTE FROM SUSAN: There are lots of sources of information about the chakra system including a section on page 51 and following in The Nia Technique: The High-Powered Energizing Workout that Gives You a New Body and a New Life by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas New York: Broadway, 2004.]

Unofficial Practical Nia-or-Not Application for EveryBody:

The first time I heard about the chakra system, I nearly sprained my eyeballs from rolling them so much. Oy, with the new age, woo-woo, freaky energy thing! It sounded like a bunch of hooey to me. I can see and feel my feet and legs and core and arms, but I can’t see my Heart Chakra.

While it is true that most people can’t see the chakras (evidently, some people can see auras which can include the chakras), everybody, even skeptical me, can feel them. Just as physical movement has sensation, thoughts and emotions have sensations and we feel those sensations in the chakras.

Sound like a bunch of bunkum? Check this out:
• Ever felt tightness at the base of your belly when you were worried about money? Or ever known someone insecure who acted like a tight-ass? That’s the first chakra, the base.
• Ever meet someone super-attractive and feel a rush in your stomach? That’s the second chakra, the sexual center.
• Ever had a gut feeling that something was (or wasn’t) the right thing to do? That’s the third chakra, the will center.
• Ever feel heart-broken or like your heart would burst with love? That’s the fourth chakra, the heart center.
• Ever feel a lump in your throat when you wanted to cry? Or a tightness in your throat when you were afraid to say something? That’s the fifth chakra, the throat center.
• Ever just have a feeling that something was happening? Ever get an intuition to call someone? That’s the sixth chakra, the third eye.
• Ever have an expansive feeling of connection far beyond yourself? That’s the seventh chakra, the crown.

We’ve all felt the energetic sensations of the chakra system but often we don’t listen to them. Our culture discourages paying attention to these sensations, but tuning into them is both practical and wise.

Next time you feel emotional in any way – sad or angry or excited – just pause and sense where you feel it in your body. Listening to the subtle energy from the chakra system offers insight and clarity about what is really going on.

CHARLOTTESVILLE NIA STUDENTS:  In my classes on Wednesday (acac Albemarle Squre 1055am) and Thursday (acac Downtown 9am) this week, I will teach the special silent ChakraDancer routine which uses music that is tuned to the vibration of each chakra and uses movements designed to open the physical and energetic centers in the body. Please join us!


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