The Secret to Youth

secret to youth 92_year_old_woman doing yoga

The secret to youth. I just may have figured it out. Seriously: The Secret to Youth. And this is not just The Secret to Physical Youth (although that, too) but The Secret to Holistic Youth ~ body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The Secret to Youth is range of motion.

It’s easy to find lots of information about how eating more plant foods and exercising and doing crossword puzzles will help you stay young. I have no real quarrel with them but these kind of recommendations are missing an important magic ingredient: range of motion

Increasing youthfulness is about expanding range of motion in all realms. Spend a day with a kid and you will observe range of motion by the truck load: up and down off the floor, moving fast and slow and big and small, curiosity, learning and investigation, laughter and frustration and tears. Kids are all over the place.

Now think of an elderly person you know – not necessarily someone who has lived the most years, but someone who is acutely feeling their years. As people age, they tend to stop getting on the floor and they keep their movements close to the body. They may become less interested in learning new things and less open-minded about change or new ideas. Often expressiveness is reigned in so they don’t laugh too loud or cry in front of anybody or get too excited about anything.

Aging embodies contraction. Youth embodies expansiveness. No matter your age or your health situation, you can always endeavor to expand your range of motion. Find the edge between challenge and healing, and you’ll find the place that increases your range of motion and by extension, your youthfulness.


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