Rushin’ Refugee Report June 4, 2014 ~ My Drinking Habit

rushin refugee water bottleJune is Savoring Month (as designated by my own self) and every Wednesday this month, I’ll be checking in on how I’m doing as a recovering Rushin’ Refugee.

I’m a water gobbler. I chug it, suck it down, and pull it in. Years ago, I read about the 8 cups or 10 cups or however much the current recommendation was and it seemed to me that the faster I could get it in, the better. Since starting hot yoga a year and a half ago, the habit has become even stronger: finish a class and down a quart of water before the first stop light.

As a Rushin’ Refugee, I’ve been renegotiating my relationship with my water bottle. I pick it up, feel the weight and coolness of it and take a breath. And then I take a small sip. A mouthful. I’m still figuring out the right amount to take at one time but it’s not very much by my standards. Instead of feeling the muscles in my lips and jaw working to pull the water in, I gently pour onto my tongue and just let it find its way down my throat. I can taste the sweetness and feel the coolness and if I really pay attention, I can feel it move all the way down into my belly.

I still find myself doing the chug and swill, but I’m noticing it more. And since it feels good to slow down the hydration process, I think this may be a nice new drinking habit.

Full Disclosure: While I may be drinking slightly more serenely than I once did, I rushed to get this post out, I rushed through a long list of errands and chores all day, and I missed an event I very much wanted to attend in part by attempting to do too much before it. So I am most definitely still a recovering rushin’ refugee. Good gravy.

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