100 (or so) Words: Savoring…Time

savoring time smoke sceneIn the 1994 film, Smoke, Auggie (Harvey Keitel) takes a photograph of his smoke shop corner every morning at 8am for 14 years.

In a wonderful (albeit smoky) scene, he shows his friend, Paul (William Hurt) a stack of albums filled with the photos. Paul laughs as he flips page after page, saying they’re all the same.

AUGGIE: You’ll never get it if you don’t slow down, my friend….
PAUL: Slow down, huh?
AUGGIE: That’s what I recommend. You know how it is: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Time keeps on its steady pace.

The scene (and the movie) are worth watching. And it’s cool to remember that no two days, minutes, moments are ever the same.

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