Susan’s Playlist April 14-17, 2014 ~ DragonLily (or the Dance of Agility and Mobility)

Paisley Pants 007A week of dancing the DragonLily Dance of agility and mobility: I experienced some of the sweatiest classes in recent memory, some sore muscles in unexpected places, and of course, neon salmon pants. What more could a person ask for??

How about some music? Here are all the playlists from the week: lots of Carlos AyaRosas choreography and some other juicy yumminess besides.

Next week, we’ll continue playing with the Sensations of Fitness (dare I call them the Sensations of Life? Why yes, yes I do.). In the meantime, I invite you to notice how you do what you do. Just pay attention. It’s the first step to giving us choices about how to respond.

Dance on. Shine on.
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Monday, April 14, 2014, 1045am ~ DragonLily

Song for Olabi 6:07 Bliss
Clouds 6:33 Feuerhake
Sweeter Love 8:09 Blue Six
Qalanderi 6:55 Cheb I Sabbah
Welcome to the Journey 5:04 Cybertribe
Shadowman 6:36 Afro Celt Sound System
Ants Marching 4:31 Dave Matthews Band
Back To Me 3:31 Kathleen Edwards
The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) 4:16 Jason Mraz
Sure Thing 6:03 St. Germain
Horizon 4:00 Garth Stevenson

Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 9am ~ DragonLily

Damascus 2:03 Conjure One Feat. Chemda
Center Of The Sun 5:01 Conjure One Feat. Poe
Tears From The Moon 4:18 Conjure One Feat. Sinéad O’ Connor
Smokey Quartz 6:59 Shakatura
Qalanderi 6:55 Cheb I Sabbah
Drumming Up a Storm 5:59 Bob Holroyd
Shadowman 6:36 Afro Celt Sound System
Up In Indiana 4:36 Lyle Lovett
Suddenly I See 3:22 KT Tunstall
Taxman 2:39 The Beatles
Drive 3:53 Incubus
Easy Tonight 4:09 Five for Fighting
Golden Slumbers/The End 4:16 K.D. Lang

Weds, April 16, 2014, 1055am ~ DragonLily

Awa-Awa 4:34 Wes Welenge
forever changes 5:34 ZKT
Catu (Vienna Sub Mix) 6:21 Ikarus
Oye Como Va (Latin/Trance Mix) 4:17 Celia Cruz
Blood Stud (Ray Mang Remix) 8:36 MB Disco
One Week 2:49 Barenaked Ladies
Faster 3:28 Matt Nathanson
Snapbean 2:37 Li’l Brian & the Zydeco Travellers
Fly 3:33 Bart Hafeman
Boogaloop 4:33 Ursula 1000
The Sea 5:08 Morcheeba
April Come She Will 2:06 Tracy Grammer
Path 3:14 Ishq

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 9am ~ DragonLily

Awa-Awa 4:34 Wes Welenge
Clouds 6:33 Feuerhake
Moonsmith 5:50 Cantoma [Quango] C3
Sweeter Love 8:09 Blue Six
Freek 7:16 Shakatura
Ghosts in My Machine 3:33 Annie Lennox
Ants Marching 4:31 Dave Matthews Band
Played A Live 6:46 Safri Duo
I Can’t Get Next To You 3:09 Annie Lennox
Subterranean Homesick Blues 2:17 Michael Franti
Big Blue Ball 4:52 Big Blue Ball
Horizon 4:00 Garth Stevenson


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