100 Words: Show Up & Trust

trustShould I stay or should I go now? (sings the Clash)

Feeling in the middle and inbetweenie happens to all of us. Liminal time, interim time, whatever you call it, it usually feels uncomfortable.

Despite the oogie-ness of these times, they are a gift. It means there is something interesting happening.

Show up and trust.

It can be tempting to avoid times of uncertainty, but avoidance is the stuff of rebound relationships and other “what have I done?” decisions.

Show up and do the work, even if you don’t see how it will all work out in the end. Show up and trust that it will.

Exciting news, Focus Pocus Fans! I’ve had a piece published in Elephant Journal! Click here to go to it.

Help pass the word of mindful movement (in and out of the studio) by reading, commenting, and sharing! Yippee!

  1. Kristin von Thelen said:

    Dearest Susan,

    Congratulations on being published in the Elephant Journal.

    All the best, Kristin

    Kristin R. von Thelen BSN, RNC, MAPP V Virginia Children’s Connection Secretary Nia Black Belt millhillva@Gmail.com

    • Thank you, dear Kristin. It all feels like a group effort, really. xoxo

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