Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 22

CR022214 004Today was a day filled with adventure and serendipity and wet activities (therefore another lazy one for the camera).  We are in the last few days of our month-long exploration experiment. I feel torn between sadness that this experience is almost over and excitement about getting back to my Nia and yoga practices, about getting back to my teachers and students, all my people, and getting back to the life that I love in Charlottesville.  While we’ve traveled, I’ve done some yoga and danced some Nia, and practiced some meditation and mindfulness, but not like when I’m at home.  A day like today reminds me that my practices are always with me, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

In the morning, we took the long hike from our hotel to the farthest end of the public beach — next to a busy road, then down a steep slippery path, then all along the beach.  Half-way down the trail, we noticed movement in the trees and saw a troop of howler monkeys, the only Costa Rican species we hadn’t seen yet.  There were a couple of juveniles who wanted to ride on their moms but the moms kept plunking them back on the branches and letting them go on their own.

At the beach, we playedplayedplayed in the waves and watched some beach soccer and cheered parasailers llifting off from the sand and drank coconut water right out of the durn coconut.

Last night, we took the public bus to nearby Quepos to see their weekly farmer’s market.  On the way there, we met Nick and Kristin who are both rafting guides.  They not only helped us find the market but they suggested that we raft the Churro (or “chute”) section of the Naranjo River.  It is a narrow river that runs down a canyon of rock and the water is low now since this is the height of a dry dry season but they said the river and the forest is beautiful and worth the trip.  So this afternoon, we had a big rafting outing.  Nick and Kristin were so right:  the forest was lush and vibrant, the canyon was sculpted stone, and the river rushed cool and clean and blue.  There was much squealing and laughter.

It was a wonderful day.  And it reminded me to take one step at a time, to be open and see what happens next, to expand my awareness to experience with all my senses, and to relax to enjoy it all.

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