Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 21

CR022114 002We spent the morning at the beach.  We chose not to bring camera or phones so we could play together in the ocean without worrying about our stuff.  Here we find that we’ve shifted from observing wildlife to watching waves, from looking for monkeys to observing people, from photographing flowers to talking about books and travel and ideas.

Some things we saw, said, overheard:

  • Three little girls making sand “meatballs” and placing each one lovingly and carefully in “bowls” they made with their heels in the sand.
  • A couple arguing bitterly as they stood shin-deep in the blue water.  (Frank called it a “patterned fight” — we could just hear that it was one they’d had a thousand times before.)
  • We were talking about The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter and how it is relevant to our current social situation.  Frank said, “America is the company store.”  I told him that was a great title for an essay and we talked about it for an hour.
  • We both agreed that the ending of  Huckleberry Finn was weakened by the entrance of Tom Sawyer and his silly shenanigans.  We noodled on how Sam Clemens could have done it differently.  We didn’t come up with much.
  • Frank created a new swimming stroke called The Run.  It’s not very efficient, but it sure does look goofy.  I created a new Olympic sport called Pool Dancing.  It sure does look goofy (but honestly, could it look any goofier than curling?) and we are the champions.

It all reminds me that no far you travel, no matter how exotic the location, go, no matter how long, it is always so that wherever you go, there you are.

May you be loving wherever you are right now.

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