Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 19

Our first day in Manuel Antonio and it is a completely different feel than what we’ve experienced so far.  First, it’s hot and dry.  Really hot.  The bathing suits and sundresses (mine, not Frank’s) and sandals that have been buried in our backpacks, we’re now happy to have.

The place has the feel of many beach destinations:  a combination of lazy and laid back with a strong line of party hardy and some high pressure scam artists sprinkled on top.  We took the public bus to Manuel Antonio National Park and were a little disappointed to hear that many of the trails and beaches were closed due to some recent storms. 

But for a disappointing day, it wasn’t bad.  We hiked the trails that were available on which we saw monkeys and lots of lizards and agouti.

 CR 02192014 014

After a relatively short hike in the heat, I was very sweaty.

 CR 02192014 011

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, swimming, following lizards and hermit crabs around, shooing away monkeys and actually chasing raccoon-like things.  One of which got away with a gluten-free granola bar.  I hope she appreciated it.

 CR 02192014 003

It was beautiful.

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