Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 18

Today was a travel day from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio*, so the camera was packed.  So just couple of thoughts on things I take for granted at home…and do not here.

1.  Roads – Many roads are unpaved, dusty, rutted, bumpy, steep, and otherwise, well, not like our roads in the US.  Also sidewalks.  Today I hopped into a drainage ditch to let a truck pass by. *Manuel Antonio was not on our original itinerary, but when we realized how time consuming and tiring it is to travel, we rearranged our plans so we would be on the roads less.

2.  Plumbing and electrical — Even at nice hotels and homes, there are pipes laid higgledy piggeldy, and sometimes the hot is on the right and sometimes the hot is on the left (which is even more confusing what with the “F” for cold and the “C” for hot) and sometimes it is a shower dance of scald and freeze.  Septic systems are so fragile that no paper can go into them (try breaking THAT habit, my darlings).  Similarly with wires hanging out all over the place.  Lights are often oddly placed and sketchy in terms of the actual illumination they offer.

3.  Grocery stores — The selection and prices that we get in our food stores in the US is stunning.  Truly.  Think of the worst grocery store in your area and for sure it offers ten fold what the average store here has to sell (and the stores aren’t really too bad here compared to other places in the world).  I think part of this may have to do with the infrastructure (see #1) but whatever the reason, it is so.

So as you go through your day today — driving to work or to the store to pick up a few things, brushing your teeth, taking a trip to the loo, showering without dancing around to get out of the water — know that you’ve got it purty sweet.


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