Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 16

The windiest day we’ve had so far and it was a kind of scattered day, too.  Before breakfast a pile of white faced monkeys were clattering around in the hotel garden.  They were lured there with bananas which is misguided and not a good idea on any count, but I have to admit I enjoyed seeing them up so close and watching them play  and lick their fingers after some banana and scratch like crazy.

 CR 021614 006

And this is Gordo the dog (who we love) sleeping in the sun.

 CR 021614 007

No buses on Sunday morning so we hiked out to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (Frank calls it the Children’s Eternal Rainforest of the Spotless Mind) and walked through the reclaimed farmland.  Only a couple of kilometers from Monteverde where we were yesterday and a totally different ecosystem:  dry with almost no epiphytes or moss (and today tons of wind).  It was beautiful in its own way (as everything is) and we saw lots of butterflies including the (notoriously difficult to photograph) Blue Morpho and birds and flowers and an agouti.

 CR 021614 008

On the way back, we stopped in to the Monteverde Whole Foods to see what was what.  Just like at home, everything looked wonderful and was expensive as all get-out.

CR 021614 020

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