Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 15

I have been patient, my friends.  I really have.  But when Frank asked me this morning what I wanted to do, I said, “I want to see a flippin’ monkey.” (Or something to that effect.)  So when we arrived in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve this morning, he stopped doing his jaguar imitations and started doing is monkey calls.  Which were very entertaining in and of themselves.  The park is amazingly beautiful and rice and we hiked nearly every one of the trails.  We enjoyed the suspension bridge through the canopy where we saw the forest from a whole new perspective (and we saw some of the coolest birds we’ve seen). 

 cr 021514 004

We loved the blustery outlook over the continental divide. 

cr 021514 016

We had a yummy lunch at a picturesque waterfall.

 cr 021514 061

But the highlight was on the furthest reach of trail, we noticed sticks and leaves falling out of the trees.  We looked up to find a half dozen white-faced monkeys right above us.  I was so excited, I grabbed Frank’s hand and had to cry a little bit.  I realized I had the camera in my hand, but in the excitement, I forgot how to turn it on (evidently, no one should ever seat me in the emergency exit row).  Frank “National Geographic” Bergland saved the day and got this great shot.

 cr 021514 037

I’m kidding.  He really did get it..

 cr 021514 036

See?  O My Goodness.  What a day.


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