Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 13

Intent is a funny thing:  our idea was to go to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve today but our INTENT was to have an adventure.  After a couple of unexpected turns, we ended up hiking up to the highest point in the area (one that is the home of all the TV and radio antennae) on one of the steepest roads I’ve ever seen.

CR 021314 077

Cerro de los Amigos offered spectacular views of the town that we’d hike out of, the mountains and reserves all around and the Pacific Ocean.  It was kind of eerie to have all the huge towers, some of which were emitting radio signals and music dotted along the summit.

CR 021314 027I was ready to start our trek back down when Frank said he wanted to see if there was a view of Arenal from the furthest tower.  We walked over and were startled to be greeted by a guy selling earrings and trinkets!  He was talkative as all getout (not surprising for someone who probably doesn’t see that many people) and he suggested we climb one of the towers for a full 360 degree view.  Frank had the courage to get above the trees and take some pictures and even make a video.  I climbed high enough to give myself the willies.

CR 021314 047

When we came down, the guy suggested we take a forest hike around an old farm on the ridge.  He drew us a little map, excitedly telling us how to go in rapid Spanish, and we were off again now following a path of pink ribbons tied around a trail that was sometimes obvious, sometimes not so much.  It was a dense rich forest full of birds and butterflies and it was overwhelmingly beautiful and remote.  Despite the pink ribbons, it felt like not many had walked there. 

CR 021314 068

By the time we returned to our hotel, it was more than seven hours since we’d left.  We were dirty and stinky and tired and very happy after our day’s adventure.  Even happier after a shower and beer.

  1. Be glad you’re there and not in C’Ville. We have a foot and a half of snow! I’ll really need Nia after I dig my way out!

    • I *am* glad I’m here…and I DO love the drama of a big snowstorm, too! Dance as you dig, my darling! xoxo

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