Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 12

Travel across this small but largely undeveloped country is not boring.  We left Rancho Margot* this morning at 8am for Monteverde which is actually not far as the crow (or toucan) flies, but it takes some doing to get there.  We took the Jeep-Boat-Jeep route, which actually meant Taxi-Boat-Bus for us.

CR 021214 004

Our taxi arrived a little late to collect us and we were a bit worried that we might miss the boat, until realized that our taxi driver was also the boat captain!  Being on the water was lovely on this sunny day and the views of the mountains were gorgeous.


CR 021214 023

We’re happy in our little hotel, the Quetzal Inn, and not quite sure what to make of its sign.  We’re not sure if it means that it’s not quiet or if we should quit the forest environment.

CR 021214 036


Tomorrow, the cloud forest!

* for anyone interested in sustainable farming and permaculture, Rancho Margot is a truly special place.  Those over 23 can volunteer in exchange for room and board.  We recommend it highly.


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