Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 11

Our last day at Rancho Margot was a capricious one weather-wise.  The morning was wet and cool – I finished Jane Eyre and Frank finished Huckleberry Finn.  At 1130 the sun came out and we went walking only to be caught in the rain 30 minutes later.  The sun reappeared in earnest after lunch so we launched out into the sun and heat for one more hike up the mirador…and were caught again in a Scottish Highland-like rain as we reached the top.  No view of the volcano as it was wrapped in cloud,

CR 021114 012

but after pausing for a while to let the rain pass, a huge rainbow opened up across the valley.  (can you see it??)

CR 021114 015

Tomorrow we travel:  a jeep-boat-jeep to the cloud forest of Monteverde.  This was not our original plan, but Frank reminds me that plans are just plans and always open to change!

  1. Alison Montgomery said:

    I’m loving this! It takes me right back to Costa Rica where Leah, Anna, and I spent a week in rain forrest country on horseback. It was Daniel’s gift to me for my 60th birthday.

  2. how lovely! we are having a wonderful time but are admiring the horses from a distance and preferring to hike hike hike! tomorrow we explore the cloud forest! ❤

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