Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Feb 3

A hike in Mount Arenal National Park with our guide, Oscar!  A perfect opportunity to continue in my tree-hugging ways.

CR 020314 pm 023

Here with an intrepid and determined tree that literally “walks” with its roots to the nearest water source,  This one just happens to look like a giraffe.

CR 020314 pm 012

And this is a 400-year old Ceiba tree, which I also hugged (not pictured).

We saw lots of birds including a Great Curassow which is the size of a turkey but with a fancier hair-do.  And no, we did not get a picture of it.  National Geographic we are not.  But Frank did catch this woodpecker so maybe it’s more like National Geographic I am not.

CR 020314 pm 001

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