Costa Rica Focus Pocus ~ Jan 31

Costa Rica Fri 0131 003

We arrived in the mountains at last!  A 4-hour taxi odyssey from San Jose with Ronald the Impatient was zippy zippy zippy, ziggy ziggy ziggy, then bumpy bumpy bumpy.  Ronald’s full name is actually Ronald the Impatient with a Death Wish and a Refusal to Have Any Vehicle in Front of Him.  But no importa, he delivered us to Rancho Margot intact and it is wild and beautiful and just as we’d hoped.

Costa Rica Fri 0131 008

It is a fully self-sustaining resort with gardens and hydro-electric generators and water ingeniously heated by compost and lots of livestock including chickens, pigs, goats, sheep and cows.  This one thought my elbow was delicious.

Costa Rica Fri 0131 021

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