Susan’s Playlists Jan 20 – 23, 2014 ~ Acts of Love

Snow Walk on Rivanna 008From MLK Day to snow (??) days to some freezing temperatures (even for this New-Englander-Who-Was-Recently-In-Minnesota) it’s been quite a week. The power of acts of love – both to others and our very own selves – is what each of us can do to create positive change in the world. Thank you for setting that intention with me.

Yesterday, I did some Nia with a gaggle of 2nd graders at Kacie-Linn Engle’s art studio. Law, did we have some fun dancing and making art together! I noticed that even for these tender 8- and 9-year-olds, saying positive things about themselves and their own work was challenging. May we all do our best to act and speak with love…and to encourage self-love and self-support in our children.

Here are a couple of links I thought y’all would enjoy this week:
Imagine by Playing for Change

Check out this artist who dances and creates images at the same time. Heather Hansen article and video.

Sixteen years ago tomorrow, I met (and pretty much instantly fell in love with) my husband, Frank. From that day, we’ve talked about travelling, really travelling, and exploring the world. When we met, Frank’s two children were 7 and 3. Now they’re 23 and 19 and the younger just started at UVA. A week from today, my love and I will be flying to Costa Rica for the month of February. I hardly know what to think of this long-hoped-for adventure. I’ll share more about that next week. But for now, know that all my classes will be covered by our extraordinary acac Nia team starting on Thursday, Jan 30:
Thursdays 9am ~ Adrienne
Mondays 1045am ~ Mary Linn
Tuesdays 9am ~ Kayde
Wednesdays 1055am ~ Anne
Huge thanks to my colleagues for making this exciting journey possible.

I’m not gone yet, though, my friends. I’ll be teaching Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week! Hope to see you either on the blog or on the dancefloor!

Dance on. Shine on.

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Monday, Jan 20, 1045am (MLK Day) ~ Acts of Love

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes 5:48 Paul Simon
I Shall Be Free 6:13 Kid Beyond
The Obvious Child 4:10 Paul Simon
You Might Die Trying 4:44 Dave Matthews Band
I Know What I Know 3:13 Paul Simon
The Boy in the Bubble 3:59 Paul Simon
Pride (In the Name of Love) [Live] 4:27 U2
So Beautiful Or So What 4:09 Paul Simon
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free 4:09 Derek Trucks Band
Spiritual High, Pt. 3 5:14 Moodswings
A Change Is Gonna Come 3:55 Seal
Don’t Dream It’s Over 3:57 Crowded House
Imagine 3:27 Playing For Change
MLK 2:34 U2

Tuesday, Jan 21, 9am ~ Acts of Love

Kecharitomene 6:35 Loreena McKennitt
Souvenir 5:39 Kaledj feat. Neko
Something To Believe In 4:44 Parachute
You Might Die Trying 4:44 Dave Matthews Band
Shadow 4:28 Big Blue Ball featuring Juan Cañizares, Papa Wemba
Pride (In the Name of Love) [Live] 4:27 U2 Rattle and Hum
Fever (Adam Freeland Extended Remix) 7:03 Sarah Vaughan
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free 4:09 Derek Trucks Band
Stranger in a Strange Land 6:20 Nahoo
The River 5:31 Suzanne Sterling
Don’t Dream It’s Over 3:57 Crowded House
Imagine 3:27 Playing For Change

Wednesday, Jan 22, 1055am ~Acts of Love

Big Sky 4:04 Annie Lennox
Down To Earth 5:59 Peter Gabriel
Let The Groove Get In 7:12 Justin Timberlake
The Fire From Within 4:12 Tryptamoon
What Do You Say 5:00 Haley
Oye Como Va (Latin/Trance Mix) 4:17 Celia Cruz
Freedom 2:50 Tyrone Wells
Drop It Low 3:45 Kat DeLuna
I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) 3:52 Michael Franti
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:44 Queen
Dust in the Wind 3:30 Daughter Darling
Serengeti (Bliss Mix) 5:30 Infernal
Jai Radha Madhav 6:27 Deva Premal

Thursday, Jan 23, 9am ~ Acts of Love

Orange Sky 6:11 Alexi Murdoch
I Shall Be Free 6:13 Kid Beyond
Dream Machine 3:53 Mark Farina
SexybackClean Version 4:03 Justin Timberlake
Right Here Right Now 5:57 Fatboy Slim
Break The Chain 4:32 Tena Clark
One Billion Hands 4:05 Lourds Lane
A Little Bit Of Riddim (Featuring Cherine Anderson) 4:19 Michael Franti
Send Your Love (Feat. Vicente Amigo) 4:38 Sting
Better Man 5:21 Playing For Change
Sunsethighway 4:00 Kiln Aya 13.0 16
Love Rescue Me 3:48 Playing For Change
Plegaria para el Alma de Layla 3:19 Pedro Aznar

…and in case you’re interested in the music I used with a room of kiddos….

Kacie Linn’s 2nd grade art class

Something Understood 4:24 Bob Holroyd
Firework 3:48 Katy Perry
Boogaloop 4:33 Ursula 1000
Slip Into Something More Comfortable 4:48 Kinobe

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