Spacious to Create

one little word


After teaching on Christmas Eve (Tues, December 24, 9am, acac Downtown), I’ll be away for ten days visiting family. In that time, I’ll take a break from posting on Focus Pocus. Here is my closing post for 2013 in a handful of haiku.

Every year, one word
For this year it’s been SPACIOUS
Consciously SPACIOUS

Everything needs space
Plants, animals, people, love
All need space to grow

Busy seduces
Overflowing calendar
Myth of importance

I set an intent
For some time to be open
For what wants to grow

Funny how easy
How I’d say yes without thought
Give away that time

But when I didn’t
When I held the SPACIOUSness
Shifts began to happen

I made space to write
I made space to be inspired
SPACIOUS produced “Airborne”

Next year, my one word
Is the next step from SPACIOUS:

  1. Kate said:

    So beautiful, Susan! I want that. Spacious.

  2. Madeline said:

    Thank you for sharing and always reminding us to make space, be present, experience wonder. Your posts are warmly appreciated 😉

    • You don’t know what a pleasure it is. I look forward to moving and music in 2014! xo Susan

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