100 Words: Keep Calm and Be A Big Boat

keepcalm make it soJean-Luc Picard is a big boat. Even in stormy intergalactic seas, he moves through with power and ease. Me? I’m often a little boat: tossed and tumbled by small waves. But I’m starting to be a big(ger) boat. Two things that calm my shaken-snow-globe brain: breathing and sensing my body. A breath slows me down, gives me even just a sliver of time to adjust. Sensing my body brings my more evolved prefrontal cortex online, ready to help me reason, get creative, and communicate. Practice choosing a little stress (Camel Pose, say), then breathe and stay calm. Make it so.

    • When I do Camel Pose, I can get a little panicky or at least edgy. But if I can breathe and stay connected, I realize that it’s okay, I’m okay, it’s just intense and intense is okay. 🙂

      • Mrs Finkling said:

        me too – i just use props, props and props – oh and the wall too!!

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