100 Words: Gratitudinal Roadblocks and High Adventure

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou are a lucky duck. No matter what is happening, something is gratitude-worthy. If you’re thankful-resistant, what’s causing it? Busy-ness? Fear? Distraction? Anger? It’s okay, it happens to everybody. Just notice it. Sometimes noticing makes all the difference.

Feel grateful, then actively move gratitude from your heart into the world. Rather than quietly giving thanks and tucking it neatly away, let it expand out.

My camp grace suggests that as free people, we can
…spread life’s noblest gifts that all may share.

Another says
Let us give thanks that life is high adventure.

Amen. Let’s do that. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

  1. niachick said:

    I end my Nia classes (just about every one of them, with “Gratitude for ALL things, no picking and choosing, and Let Love Radiate.” I love you and Happy Thanksgiving right back at ya.

  2. Right on. I call it the three levels of gratitude: Level 1 is the obvious things like friends and family and food and home, Level 2 is the things we take for granted like clean air and water faucets that work, and Level 3 is the things we resist or think we don’t want. That’s graduate level gratitude, right there. ❤

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