100 Words: Wait, Why Art, Again?

how to be an artistI say it’s the making,
not the architectural sketch but the feel
of a pencil in the hand, that saves us.
~ Lesley Wheeler

Sometimes, okay often, I get caught in my busy-ness. Forgetting that art is important or even possible. It can be scary and vulnerable to show up and say what only I can say and show what only I can show. (Yikes. What if it isn’t good?) Easier to just fold the laundry. Thank goodness other artists remind me, oh yeah, making art is human. Human beings create. Be an artist and you remind someone else. Oh yeah!

    • it IS true! And it is so important that we let go of the product and go make stuff, say stuff, draw stuff, dance stuff. As a friend of mine said something to the affect of — our job is to plant the seeds, the harvest isn’t our business. 🙂

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