Susan’s Playlist: Saturday, September 28, 2013 ~ Body Ally

Maya-Angelou quote 1Hokey Dinah, I love to sub for Anne on Saturday mornings! I’ve been looking forward to it all week. We focused on remembering that the body is our oldest friend, our most steadfast companion, and our wisest ally. Inherently, the body is always doing its best for us, always doing its best to heal and be well — no matter what we feed it, how we move it, or how we talk to and about it. Even so, it is easy to feel frustrated, angry, or even betrayed by its illness, injury, or appearance. In this morning’s practice we spent our time listening to sensation and responding as we would to an old, beloved friend.

Do I have to say it? Okay, I will. It rocked. It was sweaty, dancing, wiggling, singing, serious fun. Thanks to all, and particularly to my old friend Victoria who drove a long way to reconnect after a long time (you are a gem) and to Anne for giving me the chance to come and play today (you are a gem, too!).

Do join us at the retreat that Rebecca George and I are leading March 28-30, 2014 – Life As An Artist. Whoever you are, whatever your relationship is to making art, this will be a fun, restorative, and possibly transformational weekend. Now’s a great time to register. Or any time before October 10, actually. Which is soon. So check it out here.

Below is the playlist from class. Go buy some music today. Or dig up some old 70s tunes and put them on your iPod. Then dance in your kitchen. Hello, old friend.

Have fun. Dance on.

P.S. I understand from a reader of this blog that there are sometimes ads that appear at the bottom of my postings. Sometimes ads that are not, how shall I say, in complete alignment with my message. As the writer of the blog, interestingly, they never show me said ads. So tell me, dear readers, are they a bother? Should I look into strategies for ridding Focus Pocus of them? Do tell.

Hello Old Friend ~ Saturday, September 28, 2013, 9am

Big Sky – 4:04 – Annie Lennox
Down To Earth – 5:59 – Peter Gabriel
The Fire From Within – 4:12 – Tryptamoon
Freedom – 2:50 – Tyrone Wells
Walk Into The Sun – 5:21 – Dirty Vegas
I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) – 3:52 – Michael Franti
Exit Through You – 5:52 – Big Blue Ball featuring Joseph Arthur, Peter Gabriel, Karl Wallinger
Long Train Running (Groovy Dooby Mix) – 5:07 – DJ’s Brothers
One Billion Hands – 4:05 – Lourds Lane
The River – 5:31 – Suzanne Sterling
Hello Old Friend – 3:43 – Kim Richey
Phenomenal Woman – 4:24 – Ruthie Foster
Plegaria Para el Alma de Layla – 3:20 – Pedro Aznar

  1. niachick said:

    I’ve never seen any ads associated with your blog. I’d say ignore them to anyone who is seeing them. Thanks, BTW, for posting your playlists. They’re inspiring!!

  2. joy said:

    ditto, can’t remember ever seeing an ad… and yes – your playlists are definitely diversifying my music collection. thanks and big love

  3. Thanks to you both, that’s helpful! And I’m glad the music is rippling out! I’d love to know what you use, you two! xoxo S

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