Life As An Artist Retreat March 28-30, 2014 ~ Registration Open!

body artOne of my favorite parts for being a movement educator is leading retreats. I love having time away from our regular schedules to deepen our practice and get to know each other and ourselves better. In the flurry and rush of our day-to-day-ness, it’s easy to be caught in the press of to-do lists and the stress of obligations that can distort our perspective about what’s important. A retreat offers the chance to be inspired and refreshed, to build connections and friendships, and to intentionally create space for what matters most.

I love leading retreats, and it’s been a while since I have. I was waiting for the inspiration, the spark of something that I couldn’t wait to share. This is it.

First, I was inspired to work again with my friend, colleague, fellow-mover, and fellow-artist, Rebecca George. Her brilliance, curiosity, and creativity in everything she does ~ from parenting to sewing to cooking to writing ~ has been a steady source of delight, play, and joy for me for years. Just being around her makes me want to create things and dance swirly.

Second, I wanted to play with a Nia concept called Life As Art. Practicing life as art is to perceive everything in life as art, including your self and your body. Noticing details and reveling in the pleasurable beauty that surrounds us and is us is what Life As Art is all about. While I find this to be a powerful and important practice to have, on some level, it separates me from art: the apples in the bowl are art, the sun shining on the bright red truck is art, the spiraling bones of my forearms are art…but what about me?

Whilst casting about, I heard this interview with Seth Godin on NPR. He said that the industrial age was about following the leader and doing as we were told. Now, in the post-industrial, connected age, we all must be artists. I was blown away by his insights on living a remarkable life that makes a difference, I read his latest book, The Icarus Deception, and wrote about it on this blog.

Now, Rebecca and I take these ideas from Nia and Seth Godin (and other sources of wisdom and play) and are creating a whole weekend of movement and artistic experiences…perhaps ones that will surprise you.

Whether you absolutely think of yourself as an artist or you absolutely don’t, this weekend is for you. I warmly and sincerely invite you to join our tribe of people who are passionate about dancing through a life with purpose! We are offering special discounts for those registering before October 10, or those bringing a friend, so please go here for the details and registration and please, of course, just let me know if you have any questions.

Earth without Art is just “eh”…


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