Susan’s Playlists August 26 to 28, 2013: Wobbly

martin-luther-king-jr-I-have-a-dream-speechA shortened week of teaching (off to a family wedding in Minnesota tomorrow) in which we’ve been playing with relaxing into the wobbly interim time when one thing is over and the next hasn’t yet begun.

This week, I was struck by two things in particular: first, how many people said they were feeling the same wobbly way and second, how this focus intersected with the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech. First, it’s helpful for me to remember that we all have times of transition that can send us to the edge, body and soul. We all have times that we feel vulnerable and unsure and wobbly. It’s a good reminder for me to ask for help when I need it and to reach out when I see someone struggling. And second, not just our individual lives but our culture as a whole is always in transition. Any time there is movement to change the status quo, to include more people in freedom, to take a stand for what is right, we leave behind the old and step into an in-between time before we become something new.

After class today, a student told me a story about King’s world-changing speech. As he took the podium after a long hot day of speakers and performers (including the gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson), he began speaking from notes that he’d prepared with his staff. The crowd was restless and the words weren’t flowing, and as Dr. King faltered, Jackson said from behind him, “Tell ’em about the dream, Martin!” At that, King set aside his notes and was off into the speech that changed everything in our country and the world. (For the whole story, go here.)

It moves me that exactly as we support each other and cheer each other on in the midst of our wobbliness, Dr. King was being supported and cheered on in the midst of his. Thank goodness he was.

Here is the music from classes this week.
Dance on,

PS I’ll be back and teaching again on Thursday, Sept 4 at 9am at ACAC Downtown. The new ACAC schedule begins Sunday, September 1 ~ please note that the Saturday class at Albemarle Square is 1230 – 130pm (not 945-1045am).

Wobbly ~ Monday, August 26, 2013, 1045am

Helpless – 4:15 – K.D. Lang
Kissing – 6:05 – Bliss
Sweeter Love – 8:09 – Blue Six
Catu (Vienna Sub Mix) – 6:21 – Ikarus
Work That Body – 5:35 – Rodney Hunter
Domination – 7:26 – Peace Orchestra
Red Alert – 4:17 – Basement Jaxx
Hermes – 4:09 – Carlos Santana
Darlin’ Do Not Fear – 4:21 – Brett Dennen
In Focus – 4:49 – Popcorn
Beguiled – 4:46 – Tim Story

Wobbly ~ Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 9am

Helpless – 4:15 – K.D. Lang
Luna – 6:04 – Ganga
Mulatica Mia (Cuba Remix) – 5:32 – The Tao Of Groove
No Quiero Nada Mas – 4:46 – Sancti Spiritus
Catu (Vienna Sub Mix) – 6:21 – Ikarus
Domination – 7:26 – Peace Orchestra
Red Alert – 4:17 – Basement Jaxx
Played A Live – 6:46 – Safri Duo
Darlin’ Do Not Fear – 4:21 – Brett Dennen
In Focus – 4:49 – Popcorn
Beguiled – 4:46 – Tim Story

Wobbly ~ Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 1055am

Coming Back To Life – 6:19 – Pink Floyd
Living In The Moment – 3:55 – Jason Mraz
Never Know – 3:33 – Jack Johnson
Drifting Away (Paradiso Mix) – 5:07 – Faithless
Drive By – 3:16 – Train
Drop – 4:56 – Cornelius
Ghosts in My Machine – 3:33 – Annie Lennox
Stairway To Heaven – 8:03 – Led Zeppelin
Proud – 4:30 – Heather Small
Spiritual High, Pt. 3 – 5:14 – Moodswings
Father I Know (Mix 1) – 3:08 – Jamie Catto
First Impressions – 4:08 – Yo Yo Ma, Mark O’Connor, Edgar Meyer
Prayer Of St. Francis – 2:02 – Sarah McLachlan


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