100 Words: Worry & Self-Healing in Two Amusing and Insightful Parts

worry cartoon“Worrying is praying for something you don’t want.” – Bhagavan Das

Well said, Bhagavan! If energy follows attention, then worry is wasted attention. Worry’s a habit that blocks awareness of what is actually happening.

Use awareness for self-healing (it’s really not woo-woo):
• Pay attention to pain. Is it slight, moderate, acute?
• Move to stimulate painful places
• Notice what feels better and what doesn’t

Healthcare practitioners can help, of course, but come back to your sensations. Only you can do that. Self-healing is self-kindness.

P.S. When in Doubt, Dance book underway! Tell me your favorite FocusPocus post below!

  1. Pam said:

    So many favorite posts but the most recent on worrying has got to be pretty close to the top….

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