100 Words: Wag More, Bark As Needed

meditation teacher 0512We can learn from our pets. They show up as they are. If they’re happy, they really show it. If they’re angry, they say so. They are authentic and present.

We are taught to follow instructions. To get it right. Not to make a fuss.

What if a fuss needs making?

Tail wagging releases body and mind. Barking strengthens core and helps us say what we need. People who practice Nia and read this blog are examples of those willing to be different — to be themselves. To make a difference. To make art. That’s who I want to hang with.

  1. Madeline said:

    Thanks, Susan. Always love your posts – thoughtful and thought provoking. Just thinking about wagging my tail makes me smile 😉

  2. You are so welcome, dear Madeline! Keep wagging and singing and passing it forward! xo

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