100 Words: That Mantra Feelin’

mantra with circleMantras and me: not so much. Keep forgetting the Sanskrit.

But the words “Easy Presence” are actually working for me.
It feels grounded and energized. Rather than zoning out or disconnecting, I feel alive and engaged.

A repetitive mantra can quiet the mind. It can be a special phrase given by a teacher, or a repeated movement, or your heartbeat.

But it can also transform the way I feel or remind me what I want to be or do.
What do you want to remind yourself of in times of worry, stress, trouble and algebra?
Go make yourself a mantra!

  1. Madeline said:

    Can’t deny the wisdom of the east . . . . . allow, accept, BE, don’t judge. So simple. and yet . . .

  2. Simple and yet it takes practice and awareness. Reminders are always helpful… xo

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