100 Words: Knee-Ahhh!

knees with handDo your knees bring you to your knees? Knees are big, complicated, sensitive, vulnerable joints.

Find good resources for knee health in this week’s post.

My Knee-Ahhh! Strategies:

1: Step silently & cleanly
Pick up your feet and place them down … softly … without shuffling or twisting.

2: Condition hips & ankles
Use Nia’s 52 Moves and other movement for strong, mobile joints above and below the knees.

3: Breathe & Relax
Sounds funny, but breathe into your knees and release chronically-held tension.

4: Listening & Awareness
Use Awareness to listen to sensation in your knees (and everywhere) rather than ignoring or over-riding.

Happy knees! Happy everything!

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