What UP: Inspiration

inspiration bulbIn the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself lit up by a whole variety of experiences:  a talk at the Festival of the Book (and the conversations after it), a blog post, an personal insight, a story on NPR (and the music I discovered from that story), even an episode of Modern Family!

This week, I’m curious about what’s got your juices flowing:

  • What is inspiring you?
  • What are you excited about?
  • What are you reading?  listening to? watching?
  • Is there a place that inspires you?
  • Who are you having energizing conversations with?
  • When you feel flat as a pancake, what’s your tried and true source of inspiration?

In building a rich, purposeful  life, nothing fuels me more than the inspiration that I find along the way.  The people I connect with inspire me more than anything else — so I’d love to hear what zings your strings, floats your boat, and flips your skirt (or your britches)!  Please leave a comment below, or if you prefer, you can always email me at  sjmnia@yahoo.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Dance on, my friends,

  1. Ellen said:

    Other than finding dancing with you an inspiration, my most cherished space is when I am creating something with my paints! The act of drawing and painting lifts me out of my own head (which can get oppressive sometimes)…a new outlet is reading and writing poetry!

  2. I definitely resonate with this, Ellen! When I was on my sabbatical, I drew a mandala every morning to get myself out of my head! And poetry is an amazing way to open up my brain. I get a daily dose with Garrison Keillor’s http://writersalmanac.publicradio.org/!

  3. Julie said:

    I love to a great story & I don’t like for it to end. So rather than watching movies I get hooked on drama series like Big Love or Downton Abby or Homeland. The same goes for books. Right now I just finished the 1st book in the Fall of Giants series. I can still look forward to two more books.

    • Interesting…so for you, there is something about sustaining the story and getting deep in that flips your skirt! I definitely find those long series good for really building rich multi-dimensional characters and complex stories. I get it. Thank you!

  4. joy said:

    I feel most inspired when I have accomplished something that at first seemed impossibly foreign to me, like when I was able to hook up a Wii to stream netflix and when I created my website 🙂 My next big inspiration is great conversations with people who are willing to share their personal journeys in up and down detail. Great question, thanks for asking.

  5. I was just thinking this morning how cool it is when I do something that I was completely baffled or overwhelmed by and then *BAM* I did it! Love that. Big flush of energy when that happens. And yep. People who are willing to show up? THEY flip my skirt. Just like you, Y-Joy!

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