100 words: 9 Personalities…at least (plus supercool bonus videos)

nia mover 2Everybody’s a whole bunch of everything, so Nia uses the energy and essence of 9 movement forms:

Dance Arts – Jazz, Duncan Dance, Modern Dance

Martial Arts — T’ai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido

Healing Arts – Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Yoga

The personality of each form expands potential in body, mind, emotions.  9 forms offer yin, yang, and balance:  yin (Duncan, T’ai Chi, Feldenkrais), yang (Jazz, Tae Kwon Do, Alexander) and balance (Modern, Aikido, Yoga).  Use these dynamics to explore places we hide or deny. (Jamie Catto wrote on this last summer.)  In comments below, use 9 words to describe you!

Supercool Bonus Videos

Check out The Eleanor Project and the fantastic video that inspired them.

This week, I’m using music by Eric Whitacre and his Virtual Choirs.  See his moving TED Talk and the poem and video for one of the pieces, Lux Aurumque.

  1. Susan (another 9): silly, curious, determined, playful, amazed, anxious, irritable, open-hearted, emotional

  2. Madeline said:

    Madeline: intense, dramatic, fluid, sensitive, protective, expressive, opening, exploring, naming . . . Well might have bent some grammatical rules!

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