What UP with Nia?

Nia with SwishI love writing Focus Pocus every week.  I love it.  I love sharing my practice, what I’m studying, what I’m absorbed by.

But it’s important to me that Focus Pocus isn’t just about me waxing rhapsodic about my body~mind fascination.  My real goal is to have this blog be a useful service to you, its readers.  Just as I want people to take what they learn in Nia out beyond the studio (as well as have a kick-butt awesome sweaty fun time IN the studio!), I want to know how to make Focus Pocus a service to you (as well as being fun to read!).

So occasionally, I’ll be asking y’all questions about what you’re interested in, curious about or having trouble with.  No heavy lifting, just some simple questions about topics that I tend to write about to make sure I’m writing in a helpful direction.

For this first “What UP?”, I’m wondering if there are any topics about Nia that you’d like me to cover:

  • Would you like to know about any of the 13 Principles of Nia?
  • Would you like details on some of the 52 Moves (and of course, if so, which ones?)
  • Are there movements that confuse you, don’t feel good, or are otherwise challenging?
  • Would you like to learn about how Nia uses the Five Sensations of Fitness:  Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Agility and Stability?
  • Are you interested in The Body’s Way Principles?
  • Are you interested in the history or the story of Nia?
  • Anything at all that you’d like to know about the practice of Nia?

In order for this to work, I need you!  Please respond and connect with me!  Let me know what you think and what you’d like to hear more about.  So please do respond in the comment section below or feel free to email me directly at sjmnia@yahoo.com!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Dance on.  Have fun.  Let me know what UP!


  1. Jennifer said:

    I love what you have going already, relating the practice of Nia to everyday life. I don’t comment often, but I do read!

  2. Sounds great, Jennifer! And yes, one of the most important parts of my practice is taking Nia from the studio out into living! Thanks for being part of the mix! xo – Susan

  3. Pam said:

    I have a friend that is a Nia instructor in Philadelphia. However, her classes are all held at a medical center for cancer patients. I’d like to know more about the health benefits of Nia.

    Also, even though I cannot always do all the moves with the strength or power I would like and even though sometimes I’m using the wrong foot or going in a different direction then the rest of the class (so klutzy) I always feel great after class.

    Thank you.

    • Wonderful question, Pam! I’d love to explore health and Nia (I think maybe your friend is a friend of MINE, too!). And the best gauge we have is how we feel after Nia. (and don’t forget, that klutzy feeling means you’re brain and body are learning something new! way to go!) Thank you so much! xoxo

  4. Ellen said:

    Hey Susan! I love the Nia class and how I feel afterward also…and the brain -body connection is what I want to know more about…anything about it!!!!!
    Funny you mentioned it above!

    • oh GOOD! I love learning about the brain science and the practices of body~mind integration. I’m actually working on a routine that focuses on that. So thank you, Ellen. More to come. xo Susan

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