Making Space

space cloisters“How do you catch a unique animal?” “Unique up on them.” – favorite childhood joke, okay, actually, just a favorite joke

I’m at a loss.  I’ve been thinking about writing this post every day this week, and still I’m stuck.  It’s not for lack of ideas or inspiration.  Actually, there are a number of ideas, maybe even revelations, on the edges of my awareness.  I feel them like interesting animals in the woods just beyond my vision.  I can hear them wandering around, nibbling casually.  I bet they can see me with their amused, curious eyes.  I know that they would be supercool to see and get to know, but they are just outside my reach.

Have you ever felt like you’re on the edge of something?  Like there is a story you want to tell but you’re not sure of the plot or the characters only of the exhilaration of the telling?  A break-through you can feel but can’t articulate?  That you are about to step into unfamiliar terrain?  Ever have a feeling that something exciting and special is possible, but it’s just the feeling?

One route is to get all kinds of frustrated — to push and force.  Part of me wants to make it happen, make it appear.  I’m nothing if not determined, and in the face of an elusive something, I can go after it like a cat (or charging rhino).  Do a workshop, read a book, talk to a teacher.  Do.  Something.  Now.

If I really was tracking a shy, exotic creature, though, it’s unlikely that the whole Charging Rhino Technique would bring her any closer to me.  If I really wanted to get to her, I would be still and give her space to come to me.

Gabrielle Roth, the late founder of 5Rhythms movement, taught that everything needs space to grow.  Every plant, every person, every movement, every relationship, every company, every country.  Everything needs space.

Space is The Body’s Way, too.  A healthy body has space.  Joints need space to move.  Muscles need space in which to contract and release.  Lungs need space to move oxygen.  The heart needs space to pump fresh blood to the cells.  When the body contracts or condenses, it stops working smoothly.

Pushing and forcing rarely work well – take it from one who has done a good bit of pushing and forcing in her time.  Pushing and forcing squeezes and tightens and needs to be balanced with space and release.  It’s not an accident that “spacious” is my One Little Word this year.  I’m doing my best to make space in my body, in my conversations, in my calendar, in my practice.  You can do it right now.  Stop reading.  Make some space between you and your computer.  Take a breath and notice.

Making space is a different domain for this charging rhino, but I have to admit that it feels good.  And what’s more, when I make space, whatever I need shows up.  The sweet, elusive animal steps out from the trees – and sometimes she lets me stroke her neck.

This week, let’s make space:  in our bodies, our movement, our thoughts and see what happens, see what we discover around us and in us.  Whether you are dancing with me or dancing through your life, find ways of making space in as many ways as you can.  And let me know what you discover, what changes, what doesn’t.  I would so love to know.

  1. joy said:

    everything good in my life appeared when i relaxed and allowed time and space for it. thanks for the reminder 🙂

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