100 Words: Only Light, Only Love

MLK w quote

Even when I want more love, often when faced with hate, anger, or fear, I bring hate, anger, and fear.

Anyone who hurts is hurting.  The dog may bark and seem dangerous, but her leg is in a trap.  Suddenly, we see why she snarls.

Think of that dog when someone hurts you (or YOU hurt you).  When you are harsh, your brain wants you safe.  So ask “What else can I do to keep me safe?”  (Listen to Kristin Neff’s talk in The (FREE) Compassionate Brain series!)

Meet shortcomings or unskillful actions (yours or others’) with love, not hate.

  1. Elisabeth Sloan said:

    Light helps us to see ourselves, more fully. Love is the mysterious power that binds us together, despite differences and past hurts. Compassion is a bridge from light to love.

  2. Wow, that’s lovely, Elisabeth — thank you. Truly — thank you.

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