100 Words: The GPS of Intent

intention 4It’s pretty simple.  Not even sure 100 words are needed.  Intent is the fuel.  Intent is the direction we are pointing ourselves.  Intent is our GPS of Your Life.  Intent is the why of what we do; the result we want to create.  What is the most important and beautiful intention of your body, your mind, your heart?  An intent is worth setting.

To set an intent:  get clear, write it down, make it important, make it positive and in the present tense, and put yourself in it.  Then share it!

Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to each other.  Happy 2013.

  1. Dawn said:

    My intent is to let go. To release the things I don’t need, the things that clutter my life, my mind, my heart.

    • Beautiful. And sometimes, not so easy. Seems like it might be, but not so much. But as the American proverb goes, “Let go or be dragged.” Thank you so much for sharing this! xo S

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