100 Words: December Deceleration

Red sunset in a winter forest, RussiaDoes time speed up in December?

Are “wild people singing” in Carol of the Bells?

Winter Solstice reminds us to decelerate.

Deceleration in Nia:  creates strength and healing.  Relax foot into the floor instead of dropping it (even when jumping).  Every step soft and silent!  Strikes and punches:  decelerate to end position.  More strength and healing!

Decelerating in life has the same effect:  strengthen and heal by slowing down.  Decelerate at buffet tables, in conversation, before drinking and rushing and hurrying.  Makepeace Brothers say, “Slow down, feel love.”


Firedance:  Wednesday, 12/19, 1045am ACAC Albemarle Square.

ChakraDancer:  Friday, 12/21, 9am ACAC Downtown.

  1. Elisabeth Sloan said:

    I appreciate this approach to life that Nia is strengthening in me. In the space to slow down I can find reason, peace, and even love. Practicing deceleration while doing a fast paced workout is a challenge. Yesterday in class I realized that maybe to decelerate I needed to slow down and not follow Susan exactly. I started listening to my own body and its needs. This is a big change for me. By nature I am a very competitive mostly type A personality, who wants to be first, run faster, jump higher. I have found that if I want to keep running, jumping, and dancing and not get injured I would be better off to listen more to my body and its particular needs in any given moment. The Nia practice helps me to change, even though I am middle aged! So I shall dance through these coming holidays with grace, healing, and ease thanks to Susan and Nia!!

  2. What a brilliant observation, Elisabeth! Thank you so much for sharing this — you are not alone! Lots of us Type-A-ers get caught up in wanting to be doing it best and full on and override the information we get from our bodies. The irony is, if we really listen, slow down and move from where we are in a mindful way, as you say, we will be running and jumping and dancing for a long time! Thank you so much, and let me know how the inquiry continues. 🙂

  3. it’s harder work to land on a foot with intentional deceleration, i noticed. i also have noticed that my gentle slight lifting of hand weights i do while walking can be hard core work with conscious deceleration, so the muscle is working all the way through the range of motion. i also have noticed that doing single leg squats while balancing on the bosu with long slow deceleration at the low point, is also a very challenging workout. All much more than the quicker moving versions. so thank you for giving me the word for that sweaty phenomena! i think you are on to something Susan!

    • Yes, exactly, Janel! Many acts in the physical body are more challenging to do slowly than quickly. We are a society who is so much about fastest, biggest, when there is great power and wisdom in slowest! So keep going slow, my friend. Decelerate into the new year. xoxo Susan

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