100 Words: Gratitude Feast

O, how I love Thanksgiving!  Two practices this week, so two 100-word posts, too!

Today, 100 words on Gratitude Feast.

Regular Gratitude Journal = 5 things to be grateful for every day.  Powerful practice, indeed.  You’ll never be the same after doing it.  But under stress, I wrote the same five things every day:  “man, home, cats, food, body.”  Over and over.  When unhappy or anxious, gratitude perspective narrowed decidedly.

Unique Gratitude Journal = one unique gratitude daily.  Treasure hunt every day!  Looking for a different gratitude every day increases my gratitude for everything every day.   Give it a go!

Tomorrow, 100 words on Gratitude Fast!

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  1. a Post Script to this 100 Word Post:

    Meeting the Light Completely by Jane Hirshfield

    Even the long-beloved
    was once
    an unrecognized stranger.

    Just so,
    the chipped lip
    of a blue-glazed cup,
    blown field
    of a yellow curtain,
    might also,
    flooding and falling,
    ruin your heart.

    A table painted with roses.
    An empty clothesline.

    Each time,
    the found world surprises—
    that is its nature.

    And then
    what is said by all lovers:
    “What fools we were, not to have seen.”

    “Meeting the Light Completely” by Jane Hirshfield, from The October Palace. © Harper Perennial, 1994.

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