Susan’s Song of the Week and Playlist for the Week of Aug 20-25, 2012

This week, I rolled out the new Radical Sabbatical routine.  I’m excited to continue teaching it in September!  Here’s the playlist:


Radical Sabbatical

Coming Back To Life by Pink Floyd

Living In The Moment by Jason Mraz

Never Know by Jack Johnson

Drifting Away (Paradiso Mix) by Faithless

Drive By by Train

Music from Space Camp by John Williams

Breathe (Extreme Mix) by Soulfood

Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Proud  by Heather Small

Everloving by Moby

Father I Know (Mix 1) by Jamie Catto

Balance by Bob Holroyd

Peace by George Winston

Next week, my FocusPocus post will look in detail at the story of my sabbatical as told through this routine, and how it relates to the human process of transition and transformation.  Everybody goes through interim times when life feels “No Longer and Not Yet.”  We’ll dive deep into those often awkward and uncomfortable times and mine them for their treasures.

With that in mind, I offer the lyrics to Father I Know by Jamie Catto for our song of the week.  Since the piece comes from a forthcoming CD, there is no link to the music available (you’ll just have to come to class to hear it!).

Song of the Week:  Father I Know by Jamie Catto

I can count a thousand times

That I sang these lines

I disappear as soon as I arrive

This illusion is still running me blind

Better come down

I’m earthbound now

See me grow

See me grow

Father I know

Chasing after nothing I desire

Nothing I can keep

And I wrestle with the changing

Will you remember me

When I go

When I go

Father I know


Sister I see

Bring me down slow

Comfort I need

‘Cause I been pushing so hard

For the mountain is stone

Think I’ll go alone

How long is this road?

How long is this road?


When I was lonely

When I was lied to

I used to disappear in my own special way

But I’m alive today

But I’m alive today



See you in September!




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