Susan’s Song of the Week (and Playlists!) for the Week of Aug 13-17, 2012

I’ll tell you the truth:  I’m tired.  After sabbatical-ing since May, I’m not used to teaching every day.  I’m writing a cool blog post (about telling the truth) that I’m excited to share, but it’s not ready yet.  So today, I offer you a song of the week and the playlists from my classes.  EnJoy and look for the Truth post in the next couple of days.

Song of the week: Drifting Away (Paradiso Mix) by Faithless

I’ve been working on a new routine called Radical Sabbatical that tells the story of my four-month sabbatical.  I’m excited about it.  This is one of the songs from the routine by Faithless (the band of my hero, mentor and creator of the 1GiantLeap CDs, Jamie Catto!).  During my sabbatical, there were times of confusion and clarity (often happening right on top of each other).  This song captures that feeling:

And here are the playlists from classes this week…

Monday, Aug 13, 2012, 9am – Centering

Sweet in the Mornin’Feat. Voicestra              4:58      Bobby McFerrin

Center Of The Sun      5:01       Conjure One Feat. Poe

Tears From The Moon              4:18       Conjure One Feat. Sinéad O’ Connor

Shadow              4:28      Big Blue Ball

Exit Through You        5:52       Big Blue Ball

I Know What I Know 3:13       Paul Simon

Sweet Freedom            5:14       Safri Duo feat. Michael McDonald

Proud  4:30      Heather Small

New Morning                3:44      Alpha Rev

Wake Up Everybody  3:35       John Legend & The Roots

Just Breathe   3:36      Pearl Jam

Feelin’ Good   4:21       The Pussycat Dolls

Just The Morning       4:24      Lyle Lovett


Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012, 1215pm – Centering

Heavenly Day  3:45      Patty Griffin

Living In The Moment              3:55       Jason Mraz

The Obvious Child      4:10       Paul Simon

Qalanderi          6:55      Cheb I Sabbah

Music from Space Camp         4:56      John Williams

Deeper (Into Places) (Silk Spinner Mix)       6:23       Afterlife

Let ‘Er Rip        2:51        Dixie Chicks

Start Wearing Purple                3:43      Gogol Bordello

Fill Her Up        5:39      Sting

The Child in Us              5:06      Enigma

Everloving        3:26       Moby

Father I Know (Mix 1)              3:08      Jamie Catto


Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012, 1045am – Centering

Fragile Beauty               4:20      Chris Coco

Sun Is Shining (Out Of Sight Remix)              7:30      ReUnited

Mulatica Mia (Cuba Remix) 5:32       The Tao Of Groove

No Quiero Nada Mas                4:46      Sancti Spiritus

Find It (Featuring Farda P.)  5:46      Rodney Hunter

Dance Floor (Nu Brazilia Remix)       5:28       The Tao Of Groove

Magalenha      3:39      Sergio Mendes

Rhythm Is? (Marques Wyatt Mix)    5:49      Afro-Mystik

Bodyrock           3:36      Moby

Colour In My Name (Featuring Precise)       6:08      Spiral System

Sunsethighway             4:00      Kiln

Peace   4:05      George Winston


Thursday, Aug 16, 2012, 630pm – Centering

We Are All Connected              7:07      Magic Sound Fabric

Calling                5:52       Bliss

Lovers House 4:49      City Reverb

Music from Space Camp         4:56      John Williams

One World, One People          4:43      Xcultures

Shakin’ It Up  6:15       Ganga Girl

Do Your Thing               4:45      Basement Jaxx

Colour In My Name (Featuring Precise)       6:08      Spiral System

Manana             5:59      Christophe Goze

Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: II. Allemande



Friday, Aug 17, 2012, 1125am – Centering

Altus Silva        6:07      Big Blue Ball

Whole Thing   5:27       Big Blue Ball

Habibe                7:12        Big Blue Ball

Shadow              4:28      Big Blue Ball

Exit Through You        5:52       Big Blue Ball

Everything Comes From You               4:42      Big Blue Ball

Welcome to the Journey        5:04      Cybertribe

Start Wearing Purple                3:43      Gogol Bordello

Brand New Day             6:20      Sting

I Won’t Give Up            3:59      Jason Mraz

By Moonlight 4:09      Gary Stroutsos


enJOY and TRUTH out,


  1. joy said:

    so happy to see let ‘er rip in the playlist – ahhh the memories 🙂

    • Oh yes. I channel my inner Y-Joy whenever we do that one! I’ll never forget the delight of watching you do that song! xoxo

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