Susan’s song of the week for Jun 9, 2012

Song of the week:  Brand New Day by Sting

Just coming back from a week at Soma Ranch with Helen Terry re-taking the Nia Blue Belt.  During the week, I received extraordinary generosity from Helen (and others).  Not the least of these gifts was on the day I was hit with horrendous homesickness, Helen taught her original routine to Sting’s Brand New Day album.  It all rocks and I just love the title track.  Especially after a week of learning and relearning.  Listen for harmonica by Stevie Wonder and for “wait a minute, wait a minute, waitaminute, waitaminute, waitaminute, waitaminute!”  (And forgive Sting for the self-deification…)

“Stand up all you lovers in the world
Starting up a brand new day”

More from Blue Belt coming soon…




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