Today was one of those rich and poignant days where everything feels infused with meaning and emotion.  My last Friday morning class before my sabbatical was unspeakably sweet – and not due to anything I did in particular (except cry a lot, perhaps) but because of all the love and presence and kindness that was in the room.

At the beginning and end of class, I read a piece by Jamie Catto called Manifesto.  Jamie Catto is one of the co-creators of 1GiantLeap, a music project that I love and use often in class (check out the two CDs – if you’ve been in my classes, much of the music will be familiar!).  You can find the whole text of the Manifesto here (and in the menu to the right) and Jamie’s TED Talk about his current work here.

About half way through the Manifesto is the line, “We turn up to work every day pretending we’re not neurotic and obsessed and insatiable and full of doubt.”  My voice caught on “doubt.”  I realized that I’ve been carrying on pretending I’m not absolutely and completely full of doubt about the sabbatical and, frankly, just about everything.

What a relief to realize that I’m not alone.  That we are all doubt something, worry about something, are obsessed with something…and doing our best to hide it.  May we all find the courage to drop the pretending and tell it, live it, be it just like it is.

Special thanks to the many wonderful people who made today’s class so special with their offerings of words and flowers and talismans and love.  In particular:  Heather, Rebecca, Marsha, Diana, a slew of Susans, Sheila, Kate, Elizabeth, Cheryl, June & Frank, Denise, Charlotte, Kimber, Melissa and, well, all of you.  I am grateful beyond words.

In Lak’ech (ancient Mayan greeting that means “I am another you”)


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