On our first date, my future husband asked me, “Do you think of yourself as a lucky person?”  I remember at the time thinking this was such an interesting question and in retrospect, knowing the kind of day (and previous months) he’d had, I know that question revealed his brilliance.

Kevin McHale, who famously played for the Boston Celtics from 1980 to 1993, once said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”  This philosophy is one to which my dearly beloved most certainly subscribes.  And I think it’s true that the more we put in, the more energy we give, the more engaged we are, the more likely we’ll get more back and that the scales will tip our way.  Even if it doesn’t exactly have a direct causal relationship, somehow I find that it’s true:  the more I practice and pay attention and do my best, the more the ball tends to roll into my basket.

And yet luck can feel like it has a capricious quality:  that haphazardness of synchronicity and coincidence.  There are times when it feels like nothing is going our way or everything is, no matter what we do.

So, what happens if luck is less about what happens and more about how we see what happens.  As a recovering English major (as some of you are painfully aware), I love looking at definitions.  So let’s check it out (from  O how I love thee):


  1. The force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping circumstances, events or opportunities:  With my luck I’ll probably get pneumonia.
  2. Good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance:  He had no luck finding work.
  3. A combination of circumstances, events, etc., operating by chance to bring good or ill to a person:  She’s had nothing but bad luck all year.
  4. Some object on which good fortune is supposed to depend:  This rabbit’s foot is my luck.

Take a look at the examples for the four parts of the definition.  Three out of four of them are about BAD luck!  It’s true, there is some sorrow in every life.  We all have things that don’t go the way we want them to; things we want that we don’t get.  And that can feel crappy.  It often does, especially at first.

I’m wondering if after feeling that initial sting of bad luck, I can shift the perspective.  Can I see what is good luck in the midst of the mess?  Or recall other good luck that I have?

Last week, when my flights were delayed 8 hours and a helpful gate agent put me in a cab to another airport, I felt lucky (after initially feeling very disappointed).  This morning, when the cat had pooped on the floor and the chicken’s water tipped over, I felt unlucky  (and I didn’t take the time to shift that perspective, so I felt unlucky).

My husband had a rough morning on the cold January day of our first date.  Both his kids were sick, his ex-wife was in Hawaii, and the week before he’d had a disastrous date with a woman who followed it up by showing up at his door.  And yet, when we walked to the restaurant that night he asked me, “Do you think of yourself as a lucky person?”

“I do,” I said.

“I think I’m one of the luckiest people alive,” he responded.

And he is.  In part, because he shows up and works hard and does his best.  And in part, because he just sees things that way.  As he says, “Nobody is as lucky as someone who thinks he is.”

My invitation this week is to look at the circumstances of your life through Lucky Glasses.  See if it’s possible to find the lucky in what’s happening.

And a tip:  avoid entering a raffle or playing a game with my husband.  He really is the luckiest person alive.

  1. Lisa K. said:

    Love this lucky post especially as I sometimes approach luck with great superstition and ever shifting beliefs! Your beloved’s belief says it all. My experience of late is the harder I work and let go of expectation the luckier I feel. I guess I’ll put my lucky glasses on and keep them there.
    Thanks for the post!

    • I have felt the same superstitious feelings about luck…and it helps to remember that so much is going RIGHT! Lucky glasses rock. xo Susan J. McCulley Certified Nia Instructor, Black Belt 434.960.9959 (cell) Check out my blog:Focus Pocus~The Magic of Inquiry and Intent at!


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