Learnings from the Road: Plan Schman

It’s funny, isn’t it, how sure we are about the way things are supposed to go?  How determined we can be to make things go that way?  Here’s yet another example of how it’s usually best to let the universe’s plan ride from my travel journal last week….

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I have a plan.  An early flight to Arizona to meet my sweetie.  We will have lunch on the road, in Flagstaff maybe at a cool restaurant, then drive through the exotic southwestern landscape, and together we’ll see the Grand Canyon for the first time as the sun set while we share a relaxed meal and a glass of wine.

As soon as I’d buckled my seatbelt for the first flight of the trip:  a mechanical problem with no mechanic.  I was looking at hours of delays and not even arriving in Arizona until after sunset.  The disappointment was sharp and I just did my best to let it go and have fun with what was happening.  (See my post from yesterday about not pushing the river!)

My darling man collects me at last at the Phoenix airport with homemade egg salad sandwiches and caramelized broccoli (he knows me so well) and dark chocolate and stories of his visit with his family.  We drive for hours into the blackness, unable to see a single tree or stone along the way.  After stumbling to our room at midnight, we collapse into bed.

Being on East coast time, we wake up early, giddily bundle up, take flashlight and fruit and follow the rim trail in the darkness.  First, shapes of stone begin to show in the first light, then the contrasts of shadow and snow, and finally, as we snuggled in the cold on a peninsula of stone, we watched Grand Canyon light up in the sunrise as ravens suspended themselves in the wind.

A way better better plan than mine.  I’m just grateful that I didn’t fight it.

Here’s to just riding those thermals.

  1. Jan Jones said:

    Sunrise over the Canyon…priceless!

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