Learnings from the Road: Don’t Push The River

Safely home after an amazing adventure in Arizona!  And today, an offering from the road…

Monday, February 06, 2012

Travel, especially plane travel in the reign of the TSA, is the ultimate example of a “don’t push the river” situation.  Paddle a little, sure, but pushing leads to unhappiness and not getting anywhere any faster.  So, when my 630am flight is delayed indefinitely whilst it awaits a mechanic who isn’t even UP yet, let alone working, I paddle myself over to the nearest agent and ask for help navigating the waters.  She kindly puts me in a taxi to another airport and even though I’m looking at an 8 hour delay, I feel lucky.

I didn’t always subscribe to the “don’t push the travel river” philosophy.  I would get desperately anxious and panicky.  I would beg and plead for other options.  I would be sharp with people.  I would be sharp with the only people who could possibly help me at all.  It’s really much better, I’ve discovered, to be soft with those people.

And by being soft with those people, I find I feel much softer with myself.

So with 4 hours to spend in the Chicago O’Hare Airport (or “Airplane Station” as my sweet husband calls it), I think I’ll paddle over and get myself a cup of tea.


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